Trainings + Workshops: In-Person or Virtual

We Bring Employee Engagement Solutions Into Focus

GenElevate understands that at times you need your staff to hear one clear message from an outside expert.

We have built 1 hr and 1/2 day trainings just for you! All of our trainings are take-away oriented.

We fuse evidence-based data with story-telling so that your employees leave empowered to implement.

Here are our keystone our offerings.
[All trainings have been adapted for Zoom and can accommodate up to 300 participants.]

Built for your young to mid-career professionals.

This workshop will help your employees cut through the noise.  They will get the tools and insight it takes to understand and remove roadblocks and time-wasters, even when working from home in a pandemic.

Offered as a 1hr or 1/2 day intensive, live or virtual.


Ideal for supervisors and teams!

When employees understand + value their generational differences, communication barriers can dissipate. Boomers, GenXers, Millennials, and GenZers emerge with sleek bridging tools and  mutual appreciation.

Offered as a 1hr or 1/2 day intensive, live or virtual.

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Perfect for your high-potential young leaders.

Students deep practice key leadership skills in a supportive environment. Includes a Leadership Skills Assessment that shows students where they stand.

Offered live or virtual in 1hr or 1/2 day offerings, and individually as a certificated course.


Soft Skills for Zs

For your employees aged 22-30.

Are your managers burning out from training young employees on basic corporate expectations?

 For your youngest employees, entering the work world requires unflexed real-world skills.  This training helps them learn and appreciate corporate expectations and essential soft-skills.

Offered as a 1hr or 1/2 day intensive, live or virtual.

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Emerging Generations 101

For supervisors, managers, and directors.

This training guides on how to pull the best from Millennial and GenZ staff.  The newest generations' preferences and backgrounds will be explored for understanding.  Your employees will learn how to motivate and sustain growth in young employees.

Offered as a 1hr or 1/2 day intensive, live or virutal.

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Custom Workshop

Do you have a need for a bespoke training or workshop to remove barriers in YOUR workplace?

Let's talk about it.

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