Too many smart and capable I-Os fail when

they first try consulting. And then they land in

soul-sucking jobs that don’t use their strengths.

The I-O Powerhouse helps you see the barriers that

lie between you and your first paying contact

client, and prepares you to crush those

barriers as they come.

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Why The I-O Powerhouse?

The I-O Powerhouse is the only program that exclusively serves you, the I-O Psychology professional, by leading you to build your own map to success as a consultant.

The program arms you to avoid common pitfalls of consulting, and provides a growth group of peers to encourage and support you on your journey.

We have stood where you are standing today. Becoming a consultant is an entirely different journey than landing a corporate I-O position, and almost nothing you learn in graduate school prepares you to become a successful consultant.

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Britni Eisenmann started her own consultancy while she was still getting her Masters degree.


She leads small and mid-sized organizations to overcome their retention and employee engagement challenges. Her corporate clients come from a variety of industries including biotechnology, retail, insurance, social services, and manufacturing.


Britni made some good choices, got some lucky breaks, and made plenty of poor choices along the way.

She knows what your future clients need, and how you can make a real difference for them.

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Trenton Jones is a Learning and Development Specialist who aims to awaken insight to that unique genius that all of us possess.


He thrives when he is bringing his experiences and lessons learned to life for other I-Os and with his students at California Baptist University. Trenton helps his clients by creating unique training programs with I-O psychology principles that ultimately lead to the transformation that they seek.


Trenton knows first hand the struggles that come with marketing yourself, and how you can

crush those obstacles.


Carve your own path.

the world is yours for the taking

SIOP found that I-O Psychologists who were consulting in 2020 had a median income of $167,000, higher than any other practicing I-Os!

According to the APA, highly successful I-O consultants are known to make upwards of

250k per year.

In 2015, SIOP identified that I-Os who began their careers in consulting had a much faster upward career trajectory.

The pilot cohort of The I-O Powerhouse begins November 4th, 2021


6 Live Workshops 

  • On Thursdays at 4pm PST/ 7PM EST Britni and Trenton will lead you and your cohort through workshops that help you shape your future and plan each step to get there.


  • Each workshop has a lesson as well as applied learning elements. There is opportunity to ask questions both in the live workshops and later in the community throughout the week.


  • The live workshops are geared not only toward your individual learning but to create a sense of community with each other. Everyone in your cohort has doubts and hopes like yours- you will encourage and support each other all the way through!


  • You will have ongoing access to the recordings of the workshops, so no worries if you need to miss a live workshop!



After 6 weeks you will get two more weeks of pre-recorded content for you to use at your own pace.



After the program you still get access to all of the recordings and content.


You’ll exit the program with your map in hand

and the knowledge you need to use the map

to get to our Final Destination.

You’ll also receive a completion certificate.



Workshops Content


Week 1: Center on Your Purpose

  • Discover your personal Why and why now is the right time for you. This will anchor your intentions and clarify your vision of your successful future.

  • Get an eagle-eye view of the structure you will follow to build your own map in the coming weeks.


Week 2: Begin Building your Map to your First Paying Contract Client

  • Learn all the components of your map, and get in practice building them out to suit your needs.


Week 3: Identify your Final Destination

  • You want to be an I-O consultant, but what exactly does that mean for you? Zero in on a marketable and joy-giving position for your future.


Week 4: Marketing and Steps to a successful Exploratory Meeting

  • Learn about and consider 3 unique strategies on how to market yourself as an I/O consultant.

  • The Exploratory Meeting is where you pitch yourself to a potential client. It’s crucial to master these meetings so that you can land them for the project. Learn what can happen and how to prepare for these meetings.


Week 5: Identify your Client’s Problems and Choose how to Solve.

  • Every client will be different but there are a few simple ways to identify your client’s core problems, you’ll learn those in this workshop.

  • Learn to sift through research-based processes that can practically help solve for that core problem.


Week 6: The Client Relationship

  • Managing the client relationship during the contracting phase and throughout the project is key to the success of your current project and for your reputation as a sought-after I-O consultant.


Weeks 7 + 8: Ask the right questions, and Think like an Entrepreneur

  • Abolish your need for perfection and the risk of your ego getting in your way by learning the art of asking the right questions of your potential and current clients.

  • I-O consultants are equal parts I-O and entrepreneur. Learn what that means and how you can master this duality!


I know you want to be an I/O consultant.

And I see firsthand the need for you out in the world of work.

You have the right degree. You know the frameworks and assessments.

You know your skills and knowledge are needed.


But in order to become an I/O consultant, you need an executable plan that leads you each step of the way from where you are today all the way to your first paying contract client.


The problem is, your degree didn’t give you that.

You learned about assessments and may have gotten the chance to practice a few, but you weren’t taught how to get a manager to agree to have you give their team an assessment. You learned about change management and how critical it is, but you weren’t taught how to get an executive to agree that change is actually needed in their organization. There is much more to being an I/O consultant than the knowledge of the tools you will use, and I think you know that, which is why you are here!


Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the barriers you have to becoming a consultant, I want you to be armed with the tools and confidence you need to crush those barriers and get yourself positioned out in the world where you can do the most good!


When Trenton and I began work on building this program, we understood all too well the pitfalls that can doom future I-O consultants. We don’t want you to trip on the same things we did as we were starting out. That is why we built The I-O Powerhouse, a program that not only arms you with a success map to your first client, but also builds your confidence and knowledge base about consulting.


Here’s how The I-O Powerhouse gets you what you need.


First, we center you on your purpose. We dig down into why this isn’t just a passing idea and you get clarity and vision for the path ahead to your first paying contact client.


Then, you learn all about the logistics of becoming an I-O consultant. You get the nuts and bolts of building your map, learn about barriers you will encounter along the way and how to crush each one. Examples of barriers include how to market yourself, establishing and registering your business, and how to land the right mentor.


Finally, you and your cohort of future I-O consultants will explore the less tangible and more elusive side of becoming a consultant. Entrepreneurship mindset, client relationship management, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and more will be discussed in depth so that they don’t hold you back.


Reserve your spot in this pilot cohort today by clicking here!

And in the meantime, snag a meeting with Trenton or me to talk more about I-O consulting.


You don’t have to try this in the dark and make all the mistakes, instead build your own successful path to your first paying contact client!

Your #1 fan,

Britni Eisenmann

A note from Britni

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In 2020 as I was graduating with my master’s degree, I had no clue that a global pandemic would change the trajectory of my career and presented an overwhelming feeling of uncertainty. This left me feeling stressed and like I had no control over anything in my life (sound familiar?).


However, the one thing I did have control over was my resourcefulness, and in that, I found the gift 2020 taught me: You have to take responsibility for carving your own path. 


Now I know that carving out your own path in your I-O consulting journey is scary and even presents its own level of risk. However, when you have a clear vision of the type of career you aspire to have, the outcome (whether it was what we expected or not) is generally worth it.


One of my mentors always expressed to me “Great teachers don’t get great because they’ve studied how to be great. They get great because they teach, and use their teaching as their own living laboratory to learn and improve.”


This advice still serves as a guiding principle in my I/O consulting journey because you don’t get great at consulting by studying how to be great.

You become great by consistently learning and failing forward.


If you want to be a great I/O consultant, then you have to start.


Once you get started, it will be messy and mistakes will inevitably come. Fortunately, the community we are creating for you the In I-O Powerhouse welcomes your mistakes and encourages you to keep pushing through them. The I/O Powerhouse provides you with not just the tactics on jumpstarting your I/O consulting journey, but your own path to successfully landing your 1st client!


So, I want to invite you to join us in The I-O Powerhouse with your cohort of future I-O Consultants!


To Your Success,

-Trenton Jones

A note from Trenton

After this pilot cohort concludes, The I-O Powerhouse will be $2800 per person.


However, only our pilot cohort (that’s you!) will get more than 85% off, at $397.

We have a promotion code for

your discount at checkout.

It is available to you only through

our start date of November 4th.

Seats are limited, get yours today!

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