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The 5-week program to build your brand.

Tate Linden

"I've come across a ton of small businesses and freelancers that treat business development as a numbers game. They send the same dry pitch, or resume, or proposal to everybody.

While this can work, 99% of the stuff you send out and invest yourself in...fails.

If you do it right, branding changes the game. It positions you, your organization, as the only right choice for those who need what you offer.

So that the job or the client that you really want, when they see it, they can't help but say yes!"

A few of Tate's clients.

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It can be crushing when your ideal client or potential employer passes on you because they can't identify why you're the right choice.

You have many of the professional skills you need to succeed.

If branding isn't one of them, you shouldn't have to go it alone, just hoping for the best.

Let's change your future.



"When I started my entrepreneurship consultancy, I knew a few things.


I knew I had I/O Psych skills, I knew the value I brought to the table, and I knew that my skills and knowledge were needed.

What I didn't know were things like sales, marketing, and branding.

Along the way, I have found mentors, coaches, and supports to help me improve the things I wasn't doing well.

Now, I'm getting tired of watching friends and colleagues miss out on promising opportunities because they can't brand themselves.


So, I did something about it.


I asked award-winning strategic branding expert, Tate Linden, if he'd tackle the problem with a hands-on 5-week training program just for us. He said yes!"

What is
The Branding Experience?

A five-week immersion program to build your brand.

Taught by Tate Linden

award-winning strategic branding expert,

Organizational Integrity consultant.


Structured by Britni Eisenmann

I/O Psych consultant,

TapRoot Clinics founder.


The Experience includes:

1. Weekly live branding lessons and group coaching with Tate.

2. Weekly live Q+A time with Tate.

3. A dedicated Slack space for discussion and support between each live session.

4. Recordings of each live session, posted in the Slack space.

5. A 2:1 coaching session with Britni + Tate to evaluate your Pitch and the branding work you complete during the program.

6. Post-program access to all of The Branding Experience sessions, discussion, and more, to refresh and review at your own pace.


7. A completion certificate, signed by Tate.


8. An option to purchase 1:1 coaching sessions from Tate.

When does it start?


The Branding Experience began Thursday, May 12th.

It is now closed to new students, but you are welcome to join the email list to get alerts on what is next from Tate and Britni!


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You are an excellent fit for this program
if you have a job and you actively consult with businesses
on the side.

Professors, I/O psych professionals, therapists, corporate professionals, and teachers are all welcome.

You are a good fit for this program if you have a job and you want to start your own consulting or coaching business.

Job seekers and students will get value out of the personal branding session and are a good fit for The Branding Experience if you expect to do consulting or coaching in the future.

This program is not a best fit if you never expect to be a consultant or coach.

You are not quite ready for this program if you have no idea what type of consulting or coaching you might offer in the future.


What will I learn in The Branding Experience?


Session 1: Intro to Strategic Branding

Thursday, May 12th

90 minutes, beginning at 5p PST/8p EST


Session 2: Your Strategy- Positioning, Differentiation, Elevator Pitch

Thursday, May 19th

60 minutes, beginning 5p PST/8p EST

Session 3: Verbal Branding- names, taglines, and more

Thursday, May 26th

60 minutes, 5p PST/8p EST

Session 4: Visual Branding- Logos, Letterhead, Layouts

Thursday, June 2nd

60 minutes, 5p PST/8p EST

Session 5: Launching Your Brand

Thursday, June 9th

60 minutes, 5p PST/8p EST

Certificate Day!

Thursday, June 16th

After you claim your 2:1 coaching session with Tate + Britni to review your Pitch before June 16th, you will receive your signed certificate.