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About TapRoot Clinics

How are the Clinics structured?

Not every Clinic is identical in structure, but here are elements you can expect:

  • Five weeks in length.

  • Live group sessions on Zoom, 60-90 minutes/week.

  • Recordings of live sessions made available.

  • A dedicated Slack space for the Clinic with ongoing threaded discussion.

  • A final project or deliverable.

  • A signed TapRoot Clinic certificate.

  • Access to the Slack channel and other elements from the Clinic after the Clinic is completed.


Note- You do NOT need a paid Slack or Zoom membership to participate, the free versions work perfectly for all TapRoot Clinics.

How much time does each Clinic require?


You should be prepared to dedicate up to two hours per week while you are in a Clinic. Some weeks will have a specific day and time to meet live, other weeks will involve remote co-working or individual work. Outside of these two hours you are welcome to participate in further discussion or co-working with your peers who are also in the Clinic.

Who can participate?


Any I/O Psychology student or professional can opt into any of the Clinics throughout the year.

When appropriate, some Clinics will be available to professionals from other fields who can also benefit from them.

Who leads the TapRoot Clinics?


Britni Eisenmann will run most TapRoot Clinics. Britni is an Industrial/Organizational Psychology professional, retention consultant, founder of TapRoot Clinics, and coach to entrepreneurial I/O Psych professionals.

Invited Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can also build and present a 5-week Clinic with Britni's help or on their own. SME-led Clinics will, at minimum, be audited by Britni to ensure quality and usefulness before they are made available.


2022 TapRoot Clinics Schedule


Some topics are tentatively planned, but the start and end dates of the 2022 Clinics are not expected to change even if the topics do. This schedule will be updated as plans for future Clinics are solidified.

May 12 - June 16

The Branding Experience

Instructor: Tate Linden, award-winning strategic marketing expert

Structured by Britni Eisenmann, founder of TapRoot Clinics



June 28 - August 2

Tentative Topic: Build your own community for growth

By Trenton Jones

August 16 - September 20

Tentative Topic: How to sell yourself, your way

By Jennifer Conrad

October 4-November 8

Tentative Topic: Surfacing Organizational Culture: Identifiers and interventions

By Britni Eisenmann

Completed 2022 Clinics

Client Case Study: Managing the Client Relationship, January 2022

0-to-LinkedIn Hero, March 2022