Retention via Employee Engagement

There is hope, and it speaks the languages of data and connection!

Phase 1: Identify your Root Challenge.

Using a pre-determined scope we set together, GenElevate then gathers and analyzes data on your retention rates, culture, processes, and more.


By the end of this phase, we've identified the pain points and strengths of your employee engagement and what challenge or challenges are impacting your retention.

With you, we determine which pain points are controllable and are desirable to solve at this time.

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Phase 2: Your Solution

This is where our expertise really compliments the partnership with you.


We take the pain points that were decided upon and build custom solutions for your company.


The solutions are rooted in published empirical research and aligned with your values and needs.


By pinpointing your pain points and matching those to sharp and sustainable solutions, we avoid scattershot tactics and are able to position the support right where you need it.

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Phase 3: Implementation

Once solutions are formed, it's time to weave them into your workflow.


This may involve working with HR on implementation, training groups of leaders or influencers, or helping to build general awareness of new norms.


Purchase of this Phase includes a post-analysis about 9 months after completion, to ensure you are happy with your results.

Team work


Subscription comes with ongoing periodic review services after Phase 3 is completed.


With subscription, there is a discount provided on updated or additional training, engagement research, or strategic services.

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