Sharpen Up:

Leadership Skill-Building

Knowledge. Practice. Vision.

You have your eye on your up-and-coming leaders.


You've put them in the pipeline and matched them with mentors.

Now give them the knowledge of how their leadership skills can be sharpened and used throughout the leadership career arc. Give them a supportive environment to deeply practice key skills. Arm them with a compelling vision of their future as a leader in your company.

Sharpen Up: Leadership Skill-Building removes engagement barriers for your next generation of leadership. Your employees will emerge from this training thinking about their leadership skills for the long-term, not just that next promotion. They'll understand not just HOW to level up, but WHEN to apply different leadership skills.

Training mode options are provided below.


1 Hour

On Site

Includes a Leadership Skills Assessment and deep learning practice.


3 Hour

On Site

In addition, learners engage in group activities on key leadership skills to stretch perspective.

Working at Home



Can accommodate up to 300 attendees. All activities adopted for practical online learning.