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Like an Executive

Time can't be bought.

You cannot afford for your employees to get stuck in the weeds.

Too often they either don't notice they are wasting time on the wrong tasks, or they don't know how to ask for help prioritizing their responsibilities.

Time management isn't taught in school, and your employees' failure to build this skill can lead to preventable delays, mission drift, and customer frustration.

You need each of your staff to know NOW what is a priority, what can be delegated, and what is just a distraction.

Prioritize Like an Executive was built for just that. This workshop builds awareness in your employees around their current time-management behaviors, and then introduces simple yet powerful solutions.

Your employees will emerge from this workshop with the skills to root their day in their schedule, the ability to exchange their procrastination-inducing To-Do list for focus-granting prioritization, and the tools to manage would-be distractions.

No longer will they feel overwhelmed and bombarded.

No longer will they allow others' emergencies to rule their day.

You can breathe easier knowing they have the skills to avoid wasting time on tasks that don't

move your mission forward.

You will have confidence in your employees' time management skills, and watch them

implement their new prioritization skills in real-time.

You'll hear your employees talk about their work tasks in relation to their importance and urgency, and

make sound decisions that help your company achieve its goals!

"I still use my prioritization matrix every day. It has transformed my work life!"

-Ben S., Claims Adjuster, 7 months after taking the 1hr iteration of this workshop

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1 Hour

On Site or Zoom

Includes behavioral reflections and active learning. Attendees leave with immediately implementable tools for time management.


3 Hour

On Site or Zoom

Includes content from the 1 hr training, plus expands on skills for navigating long, short, and immediate-term goals + barriers.

Working at Home

On Site or Zoom

Adapted for membership groups, this iteration is all active learning + comes with a bonus 1:1 prioritization session afterward.

Prioritize Like an Executive

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