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Like an Executive

Your members need tools NOW.

Your paid members and conference attendees put their trust in you to bring them concrete solutions for their real-world problems.

Time management isn't taught in school, and your members' failure to build + wield this skill can lead to preventable delays, mission drift, and customer frustration.

Your attendees need to know how to identify what is a priority, what can be delegated, and what is just a distraction.

Prioritize Like an Executive was built for just that.


This 30-minute workshop is all active learning. It builds awareness around individual time-management behaviors, and then introduces a simple yet powerful prioritization solution that is implementable the moment they leave your meeting or conference.

Attendees emerge from this workshop with the skills to root their day in their annual goals, the ability to exchange their procrastination-inducing To-Do list for focus-granting prioritization, and the tools to manage would-be distractions.

The Prioritize Like an Executive 30-minute workshop is ideal for both corporate and entrepreneurial professionals, aged 25-75. Its concepts and tools apply to practically any field, from IT to Pastoral to  Construction Management. It is offered either in-person or via Zoom.

As an added bonus, each workshop attendee receives a free follow-up 1:1 Prioritization Session once they complete their deep-learning practice homework!

No longer will they feel overwhelmed and bombarded.

No longer will they allow others' emergencies to rule their day.

You can be confident that your members will leave satisfied and renewed.

You can rest easy knowing that this workshop deepens the value of your conference or membership group for each attendee.

"I learned so much and am excited to do my homework this week!"

-Women's Network (Greater Fort Wayne Inc.) workshop attendee

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