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Like an Executive

Time is spelled v-a-l-u-e-s

When your employees truly understand the value of their minutes, they put intention into them .

Time management isn't simply about squeezing out all of the productivity from your minutes as possible, it's about setting boundaries so that those values which are most precious are pulled forward each day.

The 1-Hour Prioritize Like an Executive workshop provides your employees with self-reflection on their time-management behaviors, followed by learning and practicing a simple yet powerful prioritization tool.

Through Prioritize Like an Executive they'll shed shame and overwhelm about being behind and instead emerge with renewed energy and tools they are eager to implement that very day.

The insight and skills your employees learn in this workshop will stick with the for a lifetime, and you'll reap the benefits of their prioritization skills and habits.

This workshop is available either in-person or via Zoom.



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Other Prioritize Like an Executive options:


3 Hour

On Site or Zoom

Includes content from the 1 hr training, then expands on skills for navigating long, short, and immediate-term goals + barriers.

Working at Home

30 Minutes

On Site or Zoom

Adapted for membership groups, this iteration is all active learning with a free 1:1 prioritization session for attendees.