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Included in your subscription are guides, multi-day challenges,

regular live group discussion, live presentations by experts and I/O professionals, and more!

Keep scrolling for examples of the challenges, discussions, and presentations you'll get!

Your Guides.

No matter where you are in your career,

you can use guidance and insight from time to time.

That is what the Guides are all about.


Already waiting for you in the community are Guides with advice, tips, best practices. These include Guides on LinkedIn, Interviewing, and

Landing a Mentor.


As our community evolves, so will these guides, and we'll add more!

Your Challenges.


Everyone needs a pitch.


Whether you are job searching, need to explain what you do to your relatives at Thanksgiving, or want to snag a new client, this challenge helps you build and practice

your own pitch.

LinkedIn Optimization

Take an accounting of your LinkedIn profile and how you use LinkedIn.


Then, set a specific optimization goal, and crush it with the support of your challenge cohort!

as Stories

Stories are a compelling tool to relay your experience, skills, and Strengths to a potential client, mentor, or interviewer.


You'll craft a compelling story of your own to use when you need it!

Discussions + Presentations

Through the week we have ongoing discussion on the home page of the group.

This is followed by a live group discussion open to everyone at the end of the week.

Both forums focus on the topic of the week.

Topics are related to I/O topics and career strategy.

In addition, we will also have live presentations by experienced practicing I/Os, and industry experts. Topics that these experts and I/O professionals will cover range from job search strategy, Clifton Strengths, recruitment insight,

consulting as an I/O and more. Members can request certain topics to be covered, and even suggest speakers! These presentations will be recorded and available only to members for at least a few months afterward.