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All About the Community

The I/O Career Strategy Community is

an exclusive membership for Industrial/Organizational Psychology students, grads, and professionals.

As I/Os we face unique barriers that most other professionals do not, not the least of which is a lack of understanding as to what we can do!


I know that you want to be an I/O that makes a real difference for employees.


In order to do that, you need to become an I/O that not only has the theoretical knowledge but real-world experience to back it up.


The problem is, you must first get into organizations yourself, whether that is as an employee, leader, or consultant.


I understand the challenges we face.










I’ve lived through the endless confusion from friends and family and even potential clients about what it means to be an I/O and what I can bring to the table that benefits companies.


I’ve seen how we can get sidelined and underpaid in the workforce, and other barriers we face in pivoting into our I/O careers.


And THAT is why I built the I/O Career Strategy Community. 

-Britni Eisenmann,

CEO + Lead Strategist

I/O Consultant

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The community has three major components to help you overcome the barriers you face in landing your I/O career and strategic career moves.


First and foremost, this is a learning community.


You’ll learn from peers, practicing I/Os, and experts.


Through weekly discussion threads and weekly live group experiences, you’ll develop your own strategies and tools.


There will also be multi-day challenges, live sessions with practicing I/Os and experts, courses, and group coaching programs to solve your specific career challenges!


This is also a community for connection.


You won’t just get connected to tools, advice, and ideas.


You’ll be connected to each other in meaningful ways.


10 years from now, as you are embedded into your I/O career, you’ll have need to seek the expertise of other I/Os who chose a different lane from you.


You’ll have opportunities to share your expertise and knowledge with them as well. The connections you make here aren’t just for today, they’re for your future as well.


This is an evolving community.


As you have needs, we will work to develop new tools, programs, and opportunities to get you closer to where you need to be.

So, what will you get out of this community anyway?




You. Are. Not. Alone. You belong here.


For students, transitioning from your cohort and out into the cold lonely world of job searching and seeking can be jarring.


For grads who have been career searching for longer than you thought possible, the job-search mind game and loneliness can be brutal.


For I/O professionals who are out in the field, perhaps not quite in the career you envisioned, you can wonder where all the other I/Os are and what else is possible.


For experienced practitioners, educators who want to give back and help others, this is a place to share and encourage other I/Os who need it!



As a learning community, the I/O Career Strategy community will arm you to identify where you belong and help you land there.


You'll have access to Guides, some already waiting for you and many to come (How to snag a mentor! LinkedIn optimization strategies! How to pick an I/O lane!).


There will also be multi-day challenges that push you to take on scary unknowns and help you transform your career.


You'll get access to expert and practicing I/O presentations that are given live to only I/O Career Strategy community members.


There are courses, both self-paced and live group cohorts that only community members get first dibs at filling and at a steep discount from the public price.


And, high-ticket group and individual coaching programming!

Room to Evolve

Your career trajectory won't end up looking how you picture it today. And that's not a bad thing.


The I/O Career Strategy community is a place where you can ask questions, explore the unknown, and give yourself the room to change your mind and clarify what you want and need.


You don't have to have all the answers, not today, and not tomorrow. There is room to breathe and evolve.

Builder Power

This is your community. I built the foundation, but it will go where you need.


You get to drive discussions, lead thought, and make requests.


I know and expect the group to look different in 5 years than it will next week, and that is a WONDERFUL vision!


You will make this what it is, and the community's power is 100% in your hands!



I don't want you to do this alone.

There are I/Os looking to give back and help others, and we can each learn from each other as we navigate our

big career decisions.

Join the I/O Career Strategy Community and build your best career today!