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In addition to the included offers, Community members get FIRST access to join the courses and programs offered, at a membership discount.

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Your Courses.

Prioritize Like
an Executive

Time is your most precious resource.

This course is not about being more productive. Rather, it's about learning how to root your schedule in your deepest priorities so that you can say YES to what matters most.

Learn how to set your schedule, plan your day, and defend against would-be distractions!


This Leadship

Skill-Building course gives you the space and lens to look at your entire career arc.

You'll learn which Leadership Skills you'll need at which points in your career, and how to sharpen them at the right times.

Ideal for early to mid-career professionals.



LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool for your career.

Whether you are a student or a seasoned I/O professional, LinkedIn should be a part of your career strategy.

This course expands on what you'll learn through the Guides and Challenges.

Courses will be available live with small group cohorts,

and later offered as self-paced courses.

There are more courses to come!

Your Programs.

The programs in the I/O Career Strategy Community bring transformative value, and each program is many months in the making. These are small group coaching cohorts, and are mostly live group sessions.

Our cornerstone program is Operation: Land My Career.

This is a Strengths-based map-building program. It is ideal for those getting into an I/O career path for the first time, and for those pivoting to a new I/O career lane.

It includes a full CliftonStrengths assessment and individual session with

a Gallup® certified CliftonStrength Coach.

By the end of the 8-weeks, you will know where you are headed,

how you will get there, and you will already have taken your first step or two

on your bespoke map.