Move Toward Harmony.

Inter-generational conflict can bring work to a halt.

Even in companies where kindness and respect come first, stonewalling and unspoken frustrations create barriers to productivity, creativity, and ingenuity.

Utilizing stories and examples, reflective and team activities, and pointed discussion, this training imprints the importance of extending grace to our coworkers of all ages.

Instead of miscommunication and frustration, compassion and felt value are experienced for coworkers from different generations.

Generational Bridging unsticks your teams and moves your employees forward from simple knowledge of generational differences and into deeper understanding and ability to bridge to others.


Your employees learn not just HOW we are different between our generations, but WHY we are different, and WHAT we can do to bridge to each other in respect. They emerge from the training with immediately implementable generational bridging tools and an appreciation for others' perspectives.

Whether generational challenges are present in your company today, or you have decided to take preventative measures, Generational Bridging meets your employees where they are and equips them for a future of more seamless communication and understanding between generations.

How to book Generational Bridging for your company, group, or church.

1. Email us to start the conversation about your specific needs.  We'll quickly work together to decide if this training is a best fit for you, and if so, which option suits your situation.

2. Reserve the training and nail down any additional details via email.

3. Receive the training and watch your staff immediately implement their new generational intelligence through concrete action.


1 Hour

On Site or Live Virtual

Explores all 4 generations. Employees leave with implementable tools.



Self-Paced Virtual

Unlimited company employee views and users per purchase of code. 1 hour of content.

Working at Home

1/2 Day

On Site or Live Virtual

Provides deep learning and exploration of generational and age bias for lasting change.