Employee Retention, via

Employee Engagement.


"You know that things will not return to normal. But one thing remains unchanged- you still need your best employees to stick with you through whatever is to come.


Before you build post-Covid plans to keep your top performers, you need to know how their engagement with your mission and stakeholders stands today.


There is hope, and it speaks the languages of

data and connection."

-Britni Eisenmann

Industrial/Organizational Practitioner

GenElevate CEO

   What We Do   

We specialize in identifying your barriers to retention. With you, we then build solutions that are tailored to your company's unique needs and rooted in Employee Engagement.

Remove your employees' common barriers to full engagement! Our cornerstone offerings include Generational Bridging, Prioritize like an Executive, and Leadership Skill-Building.

Our CEO, Britni Eisenmann, is available in 2022 for your event. Britni is an experienced presenter who has delivered a TEDx and spoken to organizations internationally.

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   How We Remove

Engagement Barriers  


ID Your Root Challenges.

We analyze your historical data and collect real-time data via field research (surveys, key interviews, observations)


Your Solution.

We marry our findings with published research to  build solutions tailored to your needs, strengths, goals, and culture.



Working together, we place the solutions into your workflow and train your staff for understanding and seamless integration.



With barriers removed, your employees think less about leaving and can actively contribute to your company's success.



Chrisella, Marketing Strategist

"I loved the goals vs actions exercise! Really illuminating and I'm going to do this more often."

Russ, Sales Op. Analyst

I found it very interesting and educational! ...We must work on understanding our generational differences, then we can work to empathize with one another so that we can bridge our generational gaps. Very beneficial stuff personally and professionally.


Sandra, Army Veteran

Passionate presenter.  I appreciate very much how you reach through the screen right at the heart. 

4 soft skills Millennials need at work


Of Surveyed US Employees

reported that their employer responded to the COVID-19 crisis appropriately.

-McKinsey & Co., June 2020

4 soft skills Millennials need at work


New Hire Voluntary Attrition

A negative onboarding experience results in new hires 2x more likely to look elsewhere for employment.



Increased Engagement

When individual work tasks are aligned with the organization's purpose + values.

-SHRM, Aug 2020


Alienating new employees as they make the leap from Orientation to Work Station.

Wasting money and time on rehire and initial training.

Tension and stonewalling between employee groups of different generations.

Burning out your managers with young new employees who lack soft skills for the corporate world.

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Get Peace of Mind

Imagine your company with a reputation as a place where employees start and stay, and your retention rates are higher than ever.

Envision your company as a place where coworkers look forward to seeing each other every day.

Prepare for a workforce dedicated to you and your important mission!